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Thread: Being sick lower supply?

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    Default Being sick lower supply?

    I was sick with a 24-hr stomach virus last Friday and felt a little run down for the whole weekend. Also some stress at home. My DD nursed fine over the weekend, but come Monday morning I pumped 2oz less than I usually do at work, at both of my pumping sessions. Tuesday the same, this morning was 3oz less than normal (5 instead of 8oz). My DD is 8 months and my normally leaky and full feeling breasts are now soft and smaller looking. Could being sick have lowered my supply, or is my body finally catching up with DD's needs? I was always more of an overproducer, but now I'm starting to worry.

    Let me know your thoughts,

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    Being sick can take a toll on your body, if possible when you get home tuck yourself into bed with her and get skin to skin and nurse as much as she would like. Also make sure that you are getting some rest and plenty to eat and drink as well (but know that extra water does not increase supply).

    Low milk supply read the "Is your milk supply really low" section from Kellymom. HTH

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