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Thread: can breastfeeding lower mom's immunity?

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    Default can breastfeeding lower mom's immunity?

    it seems like since i've been breastfeeding, i've gotten sick a lot more than i used to. can breastfeeding lower your immunity? (i know it's supposed to help baby's immunity, but i'm wondering how it affects mother's immunity....)

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    Default Re: can breastfeeding lower mom's immunity?

    I'd bet to say that lack of sleep, poor nutrition and general new parenthood is more to blame. kwim? I know with each new baby I seem to get sicker and sicker for a month or two after but I am sure it's because of lack of sleep and overworking... I seriously doubt it actually lowers immunity - that seems counterproductive.. but dont quote me on that
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    Default Re: can breastfeeding lower mom's immunity?

    lack of sleep is HUGE, i have noticed my sore boobs from clogged ducts are SO much better if I sleep 4 hours straight... something thats still hard to do! I have a 1 month old tho.

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    Default Re: can breastfeeding lower mom's immunity?

    Is your child in daycare? My DD seems to bring home a lot of illnesses which I of course get some of them too. I was rarely ill before DD but I probably was not exposed to as much stuff either.
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    Default Re: can breastfeeding lower mom's immunity?

    Actually the opposite happened to me despite the fact that I haven't slept more than 3 hours in a row in 15 months. I used to get sore throat all the time and since I've been BF nothing (knock on the wood )

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