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Thread: Have I over-corrected the problem?

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    Default Have I over-corrected the problem?

    I was having oversupply and oald. I did the block feeding and now am feeding only on one breast at each feeding and alternating each time. My 8 wk old baby is bfing only for abt 10-12 minutes every two or so hrs during the day and waking once after 5 hrs and again after abt 3 hrs at night. All in all he's bfing abt 9 times a day for approximately 10-12 minutes on one side each time. My breasts are rarely full and feel very soft most of the time. I am not leaking btw feedings and the unused breast is not leaking while I bf on the other one. I'm worried that I've over-corrected the problem now. And my baby was wanted to nurse every hour this afternoon/evening, so I'm really worried now. Although he wouldn't nurse any longer than 15 minutes at most. Thoughts?


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    Default Re: Have I over-corrected the problem?

    It sounds to me like you've corrected your oversupply problem. Yeah for you . If you feel that you have "overcorrected", nursing baby more frequently should take care of that problem fairly quickly. Eight weeks old is also prime time for a growth spurt, so increased nursing at this age is normal.

    As for your baby's short periods of time at the breast, it could be that he has simply become more efficient, taking in plenty of milk in short periods of time.

    Does that help?


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    Default Re: Have I over-corrected the problem?

    I am by no means an expert but it sounds like you had an experience similiar to mine although, my problem seemed to correct itself in a matter of hours (once it decided to). My lo only nurses for about 5 mins on one side at each feeding but she seems satisfied when she's done so I'm taking her lead. I did notice that when my body was correcting itself, I went from feeling very full to feeling very empty overnight and to be honest, I think I sort of was. DD nursed every hour the morning after and now is nursing every 2hrs during the day.

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