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Thread: which side to start feed on after pumping both?

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    Default which side to start feed on after pumping both?

    Ok, I've gotten myself all confused! I only feed one side each time I BF - i.e. I'll do 30 mintues on left breast and then the next time I feed I do 30 minutes on right breast. So, I pumped both sides when I should have had my last feed - would have been on the right breast - while my husband gave the baby a bottle. Now, I don't know which breast to present for the next feed - do I go to the left because that's where I would have been on this feed - or go back to the right? Any advice appreciated. They are both feeling about equal size right now...

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    Default Re: which side to start feed on after pumping both?

    Use the opposite breast from the last feeding AT the breast
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