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Thread: Has my milk stopped

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    Default Has my milk stopped

    i have the exact same fear-weaninge arly?
    we started solids for our 6 mo ds 10 days ago he is very inetrested and takes food fine
    he is distracted in nursinga nd lap position not taht frinedly so i have to side lie and it hurts my back.afraid of public feeidng too
    all these factors kept aside.yesterdya we tried to legnthen his feeding gap from 2 to 3 hours.today morning i notcied breast not full in morning when i woke up lke daily.also i feel breasts VERY lighta nd fluffy.REALLY doubt if i stopped lactating.fed solids twice today starting today-it is rice cerela mixed with water as i dont have breast pump (will rent tomroow) to expres smilka nd manual expression hurts me.
    Has my milk stopped>?
    it leaked yesterday and engorged on and off whole day.
    I guess i am looking for reassurance that i am stil lactatcting
    ds nursed shorter today.fewer minutes i mean.i plan to force myself to nurse till 12 months as i believe its BEST nnutrition for him.also afarid of the pain when he starts teething...
    I got my period when ds was 5 mo.
    thats me...looking for moral support! though my dear hubby is ever tehre to listen to my fears and his constant support till now!has my milk stopped?

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    Default Re: Has my milk stopped

    Your milk is still there!

    Could you try to nurse before offering solids? Also, you sound worried that your ds is distracted at the breast. This is not a LLL resource, but it contains some tips that you might find helpful:

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    Default Re: Has my milk stopped

    i can try nursing before.i am then doubtful how many sppons solids to give him.if any time gap i shud give.coz earlier he spitte dthe millk out so..
    what strategy is advised..tahnks

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    Default Re: Has my milk stopped

    He'll let you know how much he wants to eat. When I started solids I started with 1 oz breastmilk mixed with cereal, I'm not sure how much cereal because it should be very liquidy at first. I only fed him once a day (mornings in case he has stomach bothered him because of the food). I only started feeding him twice a day about a month after he started eating. He has been eating solids for 2 months and still only eats twice a day 1 to 1.5 oz of breastmilk with cereal, some banana or apple or carrot or sweet potato. Sometimes he won't eat more than 1 or 2 bites, sometimes he'll want more so I'll nurse him again after his meal.

    Remember your breastmilk is the most important thing that first year. Nurse first before solids to fill his belly with that then offer food. He'll either eat it or won't. If he isn't hungry he'll turn his head or won't open his mouth.

    Can I ask why you are trying to go longer between feedings? Your little one will set how often he needs to eat. My little one still eats about every 2 hours during the day, every 1-3 at night.

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