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Thread: q re block feeding; getting him to finish the first breast

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    Default q re block feeding; getting him to finish the first breast

    I posted this in the too much milk forum but haven't gotten a response so I'm going to repost here:
    Hi ladies, I'm hoping you can help me. My 7 week old LO was having green mucusy stinky poops and was very fussy and gassy so I went to a LLL meeting and she suggested I might have oversupply issues. Since the night I started block feeding his poops have turned yellow and they've never been green again so clearly that helped (it's been about 2 weeks now). And I do believe I had an oversupply issue because when I did the block feedings I would get very full. I was doing the classic 10 minutes on each side and was even worried that I did not have enough milk! I think he was just a very efficient nurser and I was sort of force feeding him and he was simply keeping up with the supply and never getting the hind milk. Here's the problem though. How do I get him to actually "finish" the first side? It seems as though he is so used to the high flow when the breast is full that once it gets a bit soft he gets frustrated. He will drink fine on the breast when it's very full. Then when I try to get him to go back to it when it's just normal he will gum at it and pull off and cry. I know there's milk there because when I manually express it usually squirts out or at the very least drips out easily. I will try to make him drink from it and he will scream but as soon as I put him on the other breast he is happy and will drink a lot more. His stools are still very frothy and smell very strong so I think he is still not getting the hind milk. Also, to complicate things, I think I might have a clogged duct. The top of my left breast is very sore. I don't feel a lump or anything but I've been having him drink from it more often and massaging it in the hopes it will go away but how do I have him nurse often on that breast to get the clog out and block feed at the same time? Thoughts?? Thanks!

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    Default Re: q re block feeding; getting him to finish the first breast

    I just replied to a post similar to yours. http://forums.lalecheleague.org/showthread.php?t=34705 I also had this problem w/ my ds. I'm not sure about the cloged duct though, I guess try the same tecniques described in the other post to try to keep your LO on longer. I've mostly found breast compression and walking around the best way to keep my LO on. Also (you may have already seen it but) here is a link that may help. Oversupply

    Breast compression: how to do it. (toward bottom pf page) HTH!

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    Default Re: q re block feeding; getting him to finish the first breast


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    Unhappy Re: q re block feeding; getting him to finish the first breast

    I am having the same problem, My DD is only happy when there is a big flow lately. She will latch and take 2 sucks and then pop off. I have tried burping her and changing positions but neither seems to help. My nipples are getting very sore and we are both very frustrated. Breast compression doesn't seem to have any affect at all and I can't do it if she won't stay on the breast for more than 5 seconds. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: q re block feeding; getting him to finish the first breast

    I have been through this with my LO, and it will get better! My ds got use to the heavy flow too. Keep trying compression, and like the other pp said, try walking around while nursing. Try nursing in a sling. Also, nurse when your lo is really tired, like right after a nap. I would nurse mine right before and right after each nap. Try taking a warm bath together, and nursing in the tub.

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