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Thread: Solids and weight gain?

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    My ds just turned 5 months old and a public heath nurse told me today that if I start him on solids it'll help boost his weight gain. I'm not really worried about his gain anymore but he's way below average and I think everyone just wants to see him gain a lot in a short amount of time. Also, doesn't BM have more calories than the amount of solids they eat anyway? I also think they're gonna give me a hard time about BLS b/c of all this. Just wondering what others have to say about this?

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    My DS is on the smaller side too. When I started him on solid he was 5mo and was not drinking a lot of BM. I thought that starting solid would help him gain weight but however, it just made him drink less BM!

    My ped told me that babies need fat and protein to gain weight. Unfortunately the first foods that we normally give to the LOs dont contain too much of these.. so I dont think it would help them in gaining weight so much. It'll just make them feel fuller so a longer time, esp cereal. Thats my opinion anyway...

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    my lo always had a hunger that never stopped. ironically she has always been very small despite her appetite. we started her on solids at 3.5 months. i always made sure to nurse her directly before giving her any solids to help prevent the solids replacing the breast milk. in the beginning, she still nursed as often and had solids as well. there was no dramatic change in her weight at all. i don't know if this helps, but that is the experience we had.

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    heres a chart that shows the calorie count of baby solids...

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