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Thread: I got my period 9 mo ppd. Low milk supply. HELP

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    Default I got my period 9 mo ppd. Low milk supply. HELP

    Last week I was super stressed so my milk supply dipped. NoW my period came this past weekend so the supply is low again. It used to take a whole 2 minutes to get a letdown and now its like 4 minutes. My DS pulls and yanks on the nipple and gets frustrated waiting for the milk to come. I want to increase it and have been drinking mother's milk tea, oatmeal etc.. My question is, while DS is at daycare should I pump every 2 hours? I'm afraid that when it comes time to nurse him in the afternoon when I pick him up that I will have no milk left. And he will only get more frustrated. Would appreciate any thoughts. Will this increase supply? Or since I have my period now will it always be low?

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    Default Re: I got my period 9 mo ppd. Low milk supply. HELP

    Some moms do notice a dip in supply when they get their period back. A few days of frequent feedings (and also pumping) will help get things back on track. If you can pump at work I would suggest doing so. This will help increase supply. Keep up the great work you are doing with providing your milk for your baby!

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