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Thread: Diaper rash or food reaction?

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    Default Diaper rash or food reaction?

    My LO has been taking to solids well and I've been pretty good about introducing new foods to make sure they're ok, but last night about bathtime, we noticed what appears to be diaper rash. I've read the info about food potentially causing a rash, but it's described as a "bulls eye" around the anus. Well, this rash is more in front on her "flaps" (since I don't know how better to describe them.

    She had more than her normal amount of apples yesterday, but also more than her normal # of poops. And, she has had apples several times before without any bad reaction that I could tell...

    Anyone have experience with this or have a resource that would describe potential food rashes?

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    Default Re: Diaper rash or food reaction?

    I'm no expert, but it doesn't sound like a food allergy rash to me. Usually, like you said it is around the anus. It might be just a regular diaper rash. Or, if she has thrush, it could be showing up as a yeast infection in her diaper area.

    My lo has occasional inexplicable diaper rash, but it always goes away in a day or two if I just keep her dry and use Boudreaux's Butt Paste (or whatever diaper rash cream I have handy, but that works best).
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