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Thread: keeping awake during nursing

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    Default keeping awake during nursing

    hi everybody, this is a request for help to you all! My dearest friend has given birth to a "sleeper": she can't keep him awake while nursing for more than a few minutes. I told her about breast compression, to pat his head with a damp cloth, switch breasts often and talk while feeding (and of course tickle feet and back).
    Anyone has other suggestions? I think I've read someone was lifting the arm, to act like a lever?

    see what the LLL people come out with their experience and creativity!!
    thanks to all
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    Default Re: keeping awake during nursing

    The LC at the hospital told me to lift the arm when DD stopped nursing because it triggers the suck reflex. This is also a way to tell if they are finished or not. If the arm is limp when you lift it then they are finished but if you feel resistance then it should trigger them to suck. I do not have anything else to add to the list you already gave.
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