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Thread: block feeding with plugged duct? And how do I get him to finish the first side?

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    Default block feeding with plugged duct? And how do I get him to finish the first side?

    Hi ladies, I'm hoping you can help me. My 7 week old LO was having green mucusy stinky poops and was very fussy and gassy so I went to a LLL meeting and she suggested I might have oversupply issues. Since the night I started block feeding his poops have turned yellow and they've never been green again so clearly that helped (it's been about 2 weeks now). And I do believe I had an oversupply issue because when I did the block feedings I would get very full. I was doing the classic 10 minutes on each side and was even worried that I did not have enough milk! I think he was just a very efficient nurser and I was sort of force feeding him and he was simply keeping up with the supply and never getting the hind milk. Here's the problem though. How do I get him to actually "finish" the first side? It seems as though he is so used to the high flow when the breast is full that once it gets a bit soft he gets frustrated. He will drink fine on the breast when it's very full. Then when I try to get him to go back to it when it's just normal he will gum at it and pull off and cry. I know there's milk there because when I manually express it usually squirts out or at the very least drips out easily. I will try to make him drink from it and he will scream but as soon as I put him on the other breast he is happy and will drink a lot more. His stools are still very frothy and smell very strong so I think he is still not getting the hind milk. Also, to complicate things, I think I might have a clogged duct. The top of my left breast is very sore. I don't feel a lump or anything but I've been having him drink from it more often and massaging it in the hopes it will go away but how do I have him nurse often on that breast to get the clog out and block feed at the same time? Thoughts?? Thanks!

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    Default Re: block feeding with plugged duct? And how do I get him to finish the first side?

    I do not know if I am much help, but I am having exactly the same problem as you right now.

    After many weeks of a very frustrating nursing experience, I have finally clued into the oversupply issue. After a few days I was seeing progress with the block feeding but the baby was extremely unhappy with the slower amount of letdown! I was having to spend 1 1/2 hours feeding him with him crying the whole time.

    I thought I would just try to stick it out and let him get used to it...but in the interim he has gotten a cold.

    Anyway, he is finding it hard to breath when nursing...and I think he is eating less than normal. So now even with my block feeding, I am still full at the end of the five hours. So now that I am full constantly again, he is not complaining......

    Should I just increase the amount of time for a block...or should I just let him have what he is used to until he gets better??


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