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Thread: Latch problems following giving bottles?

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    Default Latch problems following giving bottles?

    My DD is 10 weeks and has been getting a bottle once a day for the past three days and it has been successful both with bottle and breast (fingers, legs and toes crossed ) She has always nursed "wierd" at night presumably on my part due to slower flow in evenings but tonight I noticed milk leaking from her mouth from the side facing down. Does taking a bottle change the latch? She got milk fine, just leaked a couple of times. Coincidence?

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    Default Re: Latch problems following giving bottles?

    Introducing an artificial nipple may interfere with a breastfeeding relationship, but if there's a problem, it's more likely to be the baby refusing the breast or latching in a way that hurts mom. If she is nursing well, getting enough milk (contented after a feed, good diaper output, etc.), and your nipples feel fine, then I wouldn't worry about a little milk leaking.


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