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Thread: Cows milk versus soya milk

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    Default Cows milk versus soya milk

    Has anyone done any research about soya formula milk? I have found out alot of striking info on cows milk. I have now decided to give my baby soya milk instead of breast milk once i stop breastfeeding. I am from the UK and the professionals are aganist this and say i should give her soya only if she has a serious cows millk allergy. Any views, info sharing?

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    As far as I know soy milk is really harmful for babies and children. Even teenagers are not supposed to have it because of the estrogen-like substance it contains. An infant who drinks soy formula is getting so much estrogen (equal to taking 5 birth control pills a day) that one study found some soy formula-fed girls got their periods at the age of 2, boys ended up being infertile. Let me see if I can find the article on the research.
    I couldn't find the original article but this link has some information and links to several articles on the topic:

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