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    I introduced solids to my baby a month ago. Apples, pears, carrot, sweet potaoes, butternut, oats. I have now introduced her to potatoes and she dosnt like it. Its like she has a sweet tooth now. What can i mix the potatoes with thats kinda sweet?

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    Try mixing it with apples.

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    sweet potatos or squash would be good too!

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    I did exactly what you did when I started DS on solids. And he too hated potato the first time he tried it. I was worried about him developing a sweet tooth. But later what I realized is that though he didnt like potatoes, he was ok with other non-sweet food, such as rice porridge etc. And eventually he started taking potatoes but only on certain days.

    I wouldnt encourage him taking more sweet stuff if I suspect that he is developing a sweet tooth, it could cultivate bad eating habit.. Try other food, and also, wait a week or two before you give potato again, he may like it then.

    But to answer your question.. try pumpkin.

    HTH. Good luck.

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    Could you mash them with a bit of BM?

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    Both my daughters didn't like potatoes in any form. I gave up in the end and introduced other similar food instead like rice, pasta, bread.

    But, now they are eating 'instant mash potatoe' they both seem to like this. Try this with cold tinned sweetcorn and ham.

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