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Thread: poop 101 (day 3)

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    Default poop 101 (day 3)

    My milk has come in my 3 day old baby's poo has gone from black to a watery green . Is this normal? There is no solid form to his poop and he has had 3 poo diapers today.

    Thanks for your help~

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    COngrats on your new baby! THeir poo will change time and again over the course of their lives - especailly over the next year or so! What youre describing is within the normal range. As the meconium moves out and the yellowy poops move in, the poo can be shades of green during the transition - green can also be indicitave of other things but in these early days I'd say its that meconuim shift.

    Here's a link with more info on poo!

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    Congrautlations on the birth of your new baby! What you are describing sounds really normal for a baby that age, when you are breastfeeding, you will see your baby's poop change from the black, tarry meconium, to a greenish color, then eventually to a mustardy yellow with seedy looking curds. 3 poops in one day is excellent for a 3 day old, it sounds like you are doing a great job following his cues! You'll want to see 2-5 poops in a 24 hour period, at least the size of a US quarter, although many babies will poop with each feeding.

    Enjoy your little one!

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