My dr finally called in some Difulcan. She had me take 3 pills over the was a MESS. He STILL had no thrush signs, but I noticed it on his bum! And (not thinking) changed my other son immediately after changing the baby and passed it to him! Poor babies. So I got some nylian (however its spelled) that I Had in the cabinet and put it on us too! Started in my boobs, but also started showing symptoms 'below the belt'. Glad to say that the symptoms are waaaaaaay less, and baby is eating a lil better- but I"M SORE from all of his bad latching. So I been using Lanolin (?) and it's helping.
But I still couldn't get his pediatrician's office to give him anything because 'he doesnt have any symptoms'............. So, treating it at home with all of what's been told (from other bf moms and you guys of course) and its working.