Thanks for all your input. I have been trying to get her in the chair three times a day. She hasn't been just nursing a set number of times each day. She has learned to sign "Milky" and will walk up to me and request a drink periodically. So, it's hard to always get her in the chair hungry. Last night when I was out, my dh tried to give her a meal in the chair and she played with it and dropped it over the edge and gave the milky sign. So, she waited for me to get home

I guess I feel like she is doing great, but what worries me is at the last appointment with ped, there was a dip on the growth chart. SHe is gaining, but I don't want to feel like I am starving her if I don't push harder with the food (by refusing milk for a certain time period prior to putting her in the chair for meals). I feel like following her lead and providing her with as much solids and bm as she wants should be what is best for her. And, I could go on and on, of course, about how happy, active and smart she is, and all of her new abilities - which is what makes me feel that I am doing what is best for her. But then next week is the 1 year old doctor appointment where I know I will be asked about nursing and solid intakes and such.

Well, she is asking for milk to go.