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Thread: Am I giving her too little solids?

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    Default Am I giving her too little solids?

    My dd will have her first birthday soon and she still nurses a lot. I put her in the high chair for meals, usually only twice a day. She has tried a lot of foods and will eat at some meals, but frequently, she will just play with the food and drop it over the edge and watch it fall. Should I be holding off on the BFing and encouraging her to take her meals first? I am wondering if I have been too laid back and if just following her cues is adequate as we begin this next year.

    I had done things differently with my other kids; they were all eating 3 full meals a day plus snacks at this age. Jessie is just as big (got those rolls), as my others and she is active, walking, talking jibberish, and playing.

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    Default Re: Am I giving her too little solids?

    Once they are playing with the food, in my opinion they are finished eating. William doesn't eat all that much still, but he bf quite a bit.

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    Default Re: Am I giving her too little solids?

    Until 1 year solids are not very important but after 1 year I started solids first nursing after routine to encourage more solids intake especially with lunch and dinner.

    Morning: nurse first, then breakfast
    Snack: nurse first, then snack
    Lunch: Solids first, then nurse for a nap (he usually nurses during the nap too)
    Snack: Solids first, then nurse
    Dinner: Solids.
    Snack (going to bed): just nurse

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    Default Re: Am I giving her too little solids?

    My son is going to be 1 in about 3 weeks and sounds a lot like your daughter with solids. He just recently started actually consuming more, but not very much. He eats usually 3 meals per day and a little bit of a snack once or twice, but like I said, not much actually makes it down. However, I have noticed in the last week or two he is slowly eating more and more, and I'm sure that will continue. I think you are just fine. Trying to force her to eat more when she doesn't want to sounds like a lot of work and stress to me! Just keep offering healthy choices and eventually she will want to eat more.

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    Default Re: Am I giving her too little solids?

    I don't think you are, to be honest I've never given it much thought. I just fed on demand. I know that my milk don't interfer with my daughter's hungar at the meal times, but my daughter wasn't drinking the drinks I was offering her anyway.

    My daughter still sleeps with me at night, I nurse about 2 times throughout the night and plus still give her a breastfeed in the morning and she will eat all of her breakfast. Breastmilk is easily absorbed anyway, it doesn't sit around in the stomach too long, affecting their hungar.

    In the day I tend to nurse between meals rather than at the end of my daughter's meals (my daughter's too full). I simply treat the milk as something to drink.

    My advice it to just go with the flow, let your baby lead you and don't worry or think about it too much. Do what feel natural.

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    Default Re: Am I giving her too little solids?

    DS didn't really pick up on his solids intake until about 15 months. He seemed to periodically have jumps where he would start suddenly eating more. We just went with the flow and he's doing fine with that. I don't have any idea how much he eats compared with his peers, but it seems like a good bit for him.

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    Default Re: Am I giving her too little solids?

    My DS is doing the same things. He gets two meals a day and will eat for about 5 minutes then starts to throw stuff overboard. He still nurses constantly. 8+ times a day. I don't stress about it. He is a bit on the small side between the 25th and 10th percentile but he still has rolls on him and is very healthy and active.
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    Default Re: Am I giving her too little solids?

    Hello! It's great to know I am not the only one with the issues. My 11 month old daughter still nurses and doesn't eat as much as I would like her to eat. What I began to do was put healthy food on her tray and let her eat on her own. She actually prefers that then me feeding her. Apparently she feels more independent. I don't stress anymore. What has worked for me is trying to feed her breakfast about an hour after she wakes up in the morning. I find that she will eat more b/c by then she is hungry. I then feed her lunch about 4 hours later. Mind you I have nursed her about twice in those hours and she takes about an hour or two nap in between. She then eats dinner and an hour or two later nurse her to sleep. The point is don't stress. The nurse practioner at the peds office told me that just as long as my daughter is not losing weight not to worry.

    Take care and good luck!!!!

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    Default Re: Am I giving her too little solids?

    The way I've always interpreted the info from docs and the AAP etc. is that up until age 12 mos., baby is supposed to be getting the majority of his nutrition from breastmilk (or formula) with the time period after 6 mos. having solids added to his diet also...I think the word the AAP uses is that solids after 6 mos. should be complimemtary to breastmilk.

    However, after 12 mos. of age, I believe that the thought is that you need to be working on solids becoming the main source of nutrition, so you'd want to be adding enough foods so that your child would have a well balanced diet, and be moving towards the point where breastmilk is complimenting the solid food diet.

    I think that's why alot of breastfeeding info says to nurse first before solids when baby is under 12 mos. of age and to nurse after solids after baby is over 12 mos. of age.

    In our family, we really did have both of the boys having 3 meals a day by the time they were probably 9 mos. or so. That's not to say that they ate very much at those meals, LOL. But they were used to our normal family routine and knew that at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, that we sat down and had a meal. I didn't push it whether or not they ate much before 12 mos. at any single meal because we were nursing before solids anyway, but after 12 mos., we did start to make it more important. We also offered snacks during the day after that point. Even now I don't try to force either boy to eat all his meal, but I think that just routinely offering the meals at meal time has helped the boys to realize that it is meal time, and at meal time, we eat our food, KWIM?

    So anyway, my whole point is that the whole solid food experience really is a time when you're training your child what to eat and when, so that they have a balanced healthy diet. After 12 mos. does seem like a good time to make sure that you're teaching healthy eating habits and making sure that your child has the skills to be getting most of his food from solids.

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    Default Re: Am I giving her too little solids?

    I agree with the PPs, when your DD turns one, you should probably switch to offering solids before nursing, but don't stress it too much at this age. My DS wasn't eating much solids around this time, but when he was tested at 13 months he did have a problem with anemia. Just try to make sure that whatever solids she is eating are iron rich (like beans, meats, eggs, watermelon, greens, tofu, etc.), and work on feeding her when her appetite is peaking.
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