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Thread: Nipple Soreness

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    When my son was born, his latch was a bit off and I got cracked nipples. I could not see them well at first, but once the LC pointed them out to me, I could. Also I found out that it only takes one bad latch to crack your nipples. Mine eventually healed up, they were not bad cracks so it was good that I got help when I did. (We saw the LC when my son was 6 days old.)

    Since then, I have had cracked nipples a few times. I have always had to watch his latch, and when he started getting teeth, his latch changed a little bit again. But at least I knew what the problem was and knew what to do about it.

    My LC recommended polysporin ointment on them a couple of times a day, and Lansinoh lanolin after each feeding. Within a couple of days they were feeling much better.

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    Thanks for eveyone's help and support. Here is my update:

    I went and saw my LLL Leader who helped me adjust my latch. However, it's been a few days and the pain is coming back. My nipples don't look any better. I bought "Soothies" and I am not sure if they are helping either.

    So I hope to check in with my LLL Leader once more.

    Wish me luck!

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    I had sore nipples with all three of mine. I found that on about the 6th day it was so agonising I couldn't bear to feed any more, so I expressed milk with an Avent hand held pump for a day and my husband bottle fed the expressed milk; this gave my nipples time to recover. I then used the rugby ball method (hold the baby so his legs are to your side and slightly behind you and hold his head so he sucks on a different bit of your nipple) and after a few days the pain diminished as we both learned how to do it better.

    However, with my third baby (who is 8 months and still feeding well) on the third day, when it was beginning to hurt, a midwife altered how I held him ever so slightly and I got no pain!!


    I was holding the baby's head in the crook of my left arm with his head on my left breast, she made me keep his head on the left breast but hold his head in my right hand instead of oin the crook of my left arm!! A miracle!!!

    Good luck.

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