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Thread: Cow's milk question - need help ASAP!!

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    Default Cow's milk question - need help ASAP!!

    Hi there!

    Per my pediatrician's OK, I have started to give my 11-month old small amounts of cows milk (whole, organic) with her meals in order to let her tummy start to adjust to it and prepare for the weaning process. She will sip an ounce or two from a sippy cup. I have not yet put CM in a bottle.

    Since starting solids, my pumping output has decreased considerably, so I do not always have 1-2 bottles of EBM on hand like I used to.

    I need to have hubby put the little girl down to bed tonight, and am wondering:

    Can I add a couple of ounces of cow's milk to a bottle of breast milk to make it bigger? Will the two substances mix nicely, or will something strange happen? Has anyone done this?

    She is 11 m, 5 days old - I plan on weaning at 1 year (except maybe bedtime and first a.m. which I am reluctant to give up...)


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    Default Re: Cow's milk question - need help ASAP!!

    Nothing "bad" will happen, per se, but there is a concern that your baby might not finish the whole bottle, wasting breastmilk. Many lactation professionals recommend to feed breastmilk first, then supplement, for this very reason.


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