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Thread: % of fat in My milk vs. Cow's milk

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    Human breastmilk is still far better because it's a living substance, and even SUPPOSE if breastmilk did have a lower fat content than cow's milk. It DOES NOT matter, because food is now the toddler's main source of norishment anyway.

    You should've said to your doctor "Oh I'll give a him a dollop of cream then that will make up the difference!" Your doctor would've been quite lost for words, because there is really no arguement is there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by marymud View Post
    3) add eggs, honey, seafood and peanut butter - Eggs we may add but no way for seafood (murcury).
    You are very right about the peanut butter. Latest research suggests that it is best to wait at least until age 3 (even for children with no family history with allergies) for peanuts. For seafood, as far as I know, it is OK to give wild Alaskan salmon once in a while since it is the cleanest fish you can find (especially Sockeye salmon). (Unless there is an allergy concern.) (Too many parentheses I know )

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