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Thread: OUCH!! Am i doing something wrong?

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    Default OUCH!! Am i doing something wrong?

    My daughter is almost 2 wks old. We have had problems from the beginning w/ latching on problems. I am using a nipple shield...and sometimes she takes it, sometimes not. But my nipples are soooo sore and cracked I just cringe when she first latches on...it almost brings tears to my eyes it hurts so bad.....I am dreading the feedings now as I know how much it will hurt...am I doing something wrong? I Know they say it could be latch problems..but i've read books and I think she's on right? Please help!

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    Let me just tell you that all the books in the world and online help - paled in comparison to getting in person help from the LLL leader in my area. When they can sit right there and watch the baby latch - they can help you right then and there

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    You should definitely get help, get somebody from LLL or a nurse/midwife you trust from your hospital to watch the baby latch, see if s/he is opening mouth wide enough and all that.

    BUT I think it's also true that for some people the first weeks just hurt, a LOT. I've now been breastfeeding my daughter for 21 months, and now, I love it. But I never imagined I could keep going that long, when I was where you are. It was total agony for about the first four weeks: cracked nipples, enormous stinging pain whenever she nursed, which she wanted to do ALL THE TIME. It was utterly horrible. And then I got mastitis from the cracked nipples. It was dreadful. I thought it was much worse than childbirth; lasts much longer and you get much less support with it, and you can't take drugs for the pain. I was angry because I felt nobody warned me it would be this bad. All the helpful or pseudo-helpful LLL people and breastfeeding supporters said, "Breastfeeding shouldn't hurt if you do it right". That just made me feel even worse, like it was my fault I was in agony. I felt much better when I talked to a doctor who said, sometimes even when the latch is fine, it just hurts at first, especially if you have sensitive skin. So I'd say, yes, definitely get some professional help; but also know that you're being really brave right now, and it surely will be better in a week or two, if you can tough it out that long. From just asking around, I've found that a lot of people find it painful at first, but it's unusual for the pain to go on much longer than 3 weeks. -- And if it's really too much agony, you could consider pumping for at least a couple of the feeds, and give the baby the milk you pump. I found that helped when my nipples were in agony; it didn't hurt as much with the pump, but you keep your supply up. Anyway, good luck! I feel for you.

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