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Thread: 11 week old pooping problems

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    Default 11 week old pooping problems


    I was hoping someone may be able to offer some insight into our little problem - I have an 11 week old little boy who is exclusively breastfed, but who has developed extremely bad smelling gas over the past few weeks.

    He has gone down to pooping once every few days and not after every feed which has been common up until now. His bowel movements also always seem to have varying amounts of mucus in them - and are generally bright yellow.

    He has always seemed to have pain whilst passing gas, but it is only in the past few weeks that the smell has developed. He is on meds for reflux (prevacid) and I think I have an overactive letdown as sometimes he struggles to keep up with the flow - and I have noticed the other breast sprays quite forcefully when I get let down, so I can only imagine that is what is going on, on the one he is feeding.

    Can anyone offer any advice on what is going on??

    Many thanks

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    Default Re: 11 week old pooping problems

    My DD went from pooping every day to once every 7-15 days. When she was like that, I remember her having smelly gas too. I was thinking it was just that things had more time to "ferment!" and that's why it smelled so bad. The funny thing was, when she did have a poopy diaper, it hardly smelled at all.

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