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Thread: q about don't offer don't refuse

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    Default q about don't offer don't refuse

    soo... now that my son is 1 (yay), and he's busy tearing the house apart, exploring, etc (the things toddlers do), am i not supposed to stop him and offer to nurse? or is DODR only for weaning?
    Sometimes he gets busy playing and goes a few hours without asking. i've been offering if it's been a while, but now that he's 1 should i stop?
    i know the milk is still very good for him... i guess i don't want to feel like i'm forcing him to nurse if he's not needing it anymore. lol not that i ever have to force him!!!
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    Default Re: q about don't offer don't refuse

    I'm pretty sure Don't offer, don't refuse is only if you're trying to wean. Otherwise, if you think it's been too long, I'd offer.

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    Default Re: q about don't offer don't refuse

    DODR I think is generally discussed as a method to move toward weaning (though in a child sensitive manner). There is no reason that you need to stop offering to nurse - that's not forcing. If he doesn't want to nurse, I'm sure he'll let you know, LOL. Really, there are no real "rules", you can do things however works best for you and your baby.

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    If your lo truly doesn't want to nurse, he won't. Trust me, my lo has refused enough times that I know that for sure. (I'm sure some babies aren't like this, but he certainly is.) He will bite or push away or wiggle to get down. (He goes all day w/o nursing if we're not at home and mommy gets quite miserable, that's why I sometimes really want him to nurse.) Anyway, I don't think there's anything wrong with offering.

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    Toddlers use dummies don't they, so I offer myself as a 'live dummy' to my daughter it calms her down and makes her feel loved and content, especially when she's having one of her moods.

    My daughter is happy just to suckle me rather than have a proper drink. I think the breast offers something more than just a drink/food source.

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