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Thread: x-post low blood sugar in baby

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    Default x-post low blood sugar in baby

    i am a type 2 diabetic. i was on metformin before pregnancy, but i have been on insulin during pregnancy.

    i know in hospital they will be checking for low blood sugar in the baby after it is born. the treatment seems to be either formula or glucose water given by bottle. i am really committed to breastfeeding and im worried about confusing the baby so early on. what are my options? which is better formula or glucose water? i plan to ask the doctor today what the hospital protocol is here. are there any requests i can make before hand to make this better for me, the baby and our bonding/breastfeeding? TIA

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    Hi, I am not diabetic but did face this problem after my daughter was born. I was induced at 42 weeks and kept on an IV for about twelve hours. I was also not allowed to eat or drink anything and that seemed to get my system and the baby's out of whack. When she was born I was so exhausted and was not able to get her on the breast right away. Little did I know that a problem was brewing. The nurse woke me up when she was about three hours old wanting to give a bottle. I asked if we could nurse and she said no, hospital protocol required the feeding of formula. I asked for glucose water which she got the doctor to approve and it was given by gavage (tube down the throat). An hour later her blood sugar was low again (sorry I can't remember the numbers now). I said OK to the formula and they again did a gavage. Of course all of this happened in the middle of the night with DH and I exhausted. We have to travel seventy miles to the hospital so we get assigned the on call pediatrician not our own.

    By morning when the doctor came in we had started nursing, he wanted me to quit and go to formula 100% to keep the blood sugar levels stable. It was really getting out of hand with them threatening to put her in NICU if I didn't agree to bottlefeeding of formula. LC didn't come in until 0830. I knew my colustrum was rich in protien but how can you fight the hospital. I was actually afraid of them calling in social services. I said OK to the bottle feeding. When they gave me my baby I nursed her all I could. She was tired and exhausted from crying and the trauma of blood draws and heel sticks through the night. DH and I hadn't slept.

    The LC came in and settled everyone down. We let them bottle feed all they wanted and I kept her with me as much as I could and nursed all I could.

    We went home with our baggie of formula and nipples with my confidence in my ability to breastfeed terribly undermined. We also began to have problems with sore nipples. They insisted nipple confusion was a bunch of malarky but I FELT it!

    It took time to work things out and once my milk came in and we had her rechecked by our own doctor things were going better. Took me a long time to get my confidence up and to get over my baby suffering through that night. Our first night together should have been much better.

    She is now three and a half and we have nursed through every night and day since. She has not had any more bottles since she was about three days old.

    If I knew ahead that this situation could develop I would have done more to get her on the breast right after birth and every few hours after. Not easy though if you are in pain or under meds. I did not have an epidural or c-section. You are smart to get advice now and to find out from the hospital and LC how this will be handled.

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