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Thread: doesn't seem to like my left side...?

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    Arrow doesn't seem to like my left side...?

    It's not that she doesn't nurse on my left side, because she definetly does. But it seems like she has more trouble latching on that side, and tends to make faces, crinkle her nose, until she actually gets a good hold of the nipple. The other breast she has no problems latching onto and seems to do it quite well, nurses much better on that side too. The other side she never seems to be totally comfortable or 'at rest' while nursing on the left side. she does get milk, as i can tell by her swallowing, and it leaking out of her mouth at the end of the feeding. This breast has always been just a tad bigger than the other, so i don't know if maybe she has more trouble getting the nipple, due to more breast tissue or for some other reason..
    any ideas?


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    I had as imilar issue - my LLL leader told me to express some milk - by hand - from the bigger breast so it wouldn't flood her. Also, I would press under her jaw when she latched so her tongue would thrust out where it was supposed to be. Both helped.

    But I was told that she could nurse on one side only - and it would produce enough milk for her. So you do have an option.

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    Default Re: doesn't seem to like my left side...?

    You can try to use a different hold that mimicks the way she lies at her favoured breast. E.g. if you have the cradle hold for the favoured breast, try the rugby hold with the other, so that baby will be in the same position as for her "best breast".

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