My son is getting his canine teeth (the ones between his molars and middle teeth). He hadn't been teething for along time so we had to adjust when he finely got his first set of molars during the whole month of January. He is 15 mo. At least I was able to have a break for three weeks till his other teeth started to come in. I felt like he had to relearn how to bf. His mouth was in pain and to relieve it he wanted to nurse 24/7. I even felt like we were back at stage one(waking every two hours). I got the flu do to not getting enough sleep and had to take antibiotics due to it turning into an infection. I havn't had him bite me as hard to make my nipples bleed though. I think it helped when he didn't have teeth, I would release his suck when he would gum me hard. I'd tell him no and then start nursing again. It's seems to work now too. When I can start feeling those teeth to start coming down to nibble I would release his suck and tell him no. And than proceed with nursing again.. I think If you catch him or her just before the initial biting they have a clear understanding of why your mad. We still nurse happily together. Someone told me to pop them on the cheek when their biting you to get the point across right away. I guess some people are different. I will take a bath with him and bring him up to my breast to nurse. The warm water relaxes him and the sesation of the water is the same as coming out of the womb. Thats how I got him off the nipple shield.
I rather have a peacful nursing session. Today his first canine tooth came in yay!!! But we have three more to go and than his second set of molars and than we should be good for awhile. It is tuff but I rather him be healthy and I know I'll get my sleep when he's older. I'm just happy babies arn't like this for the whole 20 years they live with