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Thread: 7 Months Will Take the SPOON ONLY

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    Default 7 Months Will Take the SPOON ONLY

    My very petitie daughter (14.2lbs@7 months) will only take solids by the spoon. She loves them, but I am trying to be conscious of over-feeding her because she is so small and we have had vomitting/possible reflux issues.

    Every time I give her food to play with or try to eat by hand she gets it on her tongue and not only gags but vomits! She LOVES banannas in a feed bag but not the feel on her tongue I guess...?

    I Do NOT want to nurse more than 1 year because I want another baby soon and I'm not sure about nursing while preggers. I am still deciding.

    Any advice?????

    Thanks MOMS!

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    Default Re: 7 Months Will Take the SPOON ONLY

    My best suggestion is to keep trying! Offer a variety of foods with a variety of textures. Also, you might mention her possible sensitivity to textures to your ped. Many babies have this (and outgrow it!), but he may want to keep an eye on it and have her evaluated if things don't progress.


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