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Thread: Can one breast start producing less milk?

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    Thanks, kate. loud and clear! he still poos a few times a day and pees regularly. i change his cloth nappies about 6 to 8 times a day. he certainly doesn't have a latch problem. i wish i could get him to nurse more. if he doesn't want, he just doesn't latch on and will arch his back in protest!

    some odd days he would be feeding only 5 times in 24 hours but other days, he may be nursing 9x! i just try and go with his flow and coax him to nurse only if he's not nursed for 3 hours.

    as for his feeding times, i daresay he must be a super efficient feeder, 5 min??!!! and only on one side???


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    i have one breast that is very full and produces a lot of milk, but i'm worried that the other one is drying up! i pumped about 12 oz. (after being engorged) on the left side, and did not even get one oz. from the right. i look very lop-sided, i try to nurse off of the right side, hoping to keep the milk coming in, but then the left side gets so full and tender. my son is 2 months old, and is pretty large (he looks older than he is) so i know he is getting enough, it is me that it is bothering the most, i'm normally about a b-c cup, and my right side is about that now, but my left is still a d-dd. my right side never gets engorged, but my left gets huge! i was told to drink raspberry tea does this help?

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    Hello Yes, one breast can produce less milk than the other, especially if you are favoring one over the other during feedings. I did this for a while, favoring my right over my left, and I started to get lopsided a bit, and I did notice that I had more milk in the favored breast. A few things you could try to get the slower-producing breast going:

    Start all feedings on that breast. This will ensure optimal stimulation.
    Between feedings, pump the breast, or if you only pump at certain times like in the morning, start pumping on the slow one.
    Massage the breast regularly, especially when you take a hot bath or shower.

    *You could be favoring one side and not even know it if you are co-sleeping. This happened to me, and it took me a while to figure out what I was doing. Baby was in his co-sleeper next to the bed, I would pick him up, lay him next to me, and go back to sleep. So feeding after feeding, night after night, it was the same side.

    I hope this helps. A leader should be along soon to give you some more information.

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