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Thread: water, sippy cups, gagging, choking, and being thirsty

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    Default water, sippy cups, gagging, choking, and being thirsty

    There, how's THAT for a subject line?

    Today I sat DD in her brand new high chair and gave her some random steamed veggies and a little chicken to play with. I intended to cut the veggies into little pieces, but they were very mushy so I mushed them with a fork and let her play with the food that way.

    She got food to her mouth and ate it. (Oh and a side note... you know how when you eat something bitter, you kind of do a little "shudder?" DD was doing that over and over, but then kept grabbing more food anyway. ) And she gagged several times. I need to go find those threads on choking vs gagging and read them.

    After about 10 minutes or so, I randomly thought that she might be thirsty, and I held a sippy cup up to her mouth (this is also a brand new thing to her). She chewed open-mouthed on it for a bit, then closed her mouth around it. I didn't know if she got any water, so I unscrewed the lid and was going to give her some water straight from the cup. I'd done this before, for teeny sips, without any problem... but this time I think I was a little overzealous w/ the cup and got WAY too much in her mouth and she started having a choking cough. At the end of her choking session, all the food she'd eaten came back up. But the good news is that wow, she managed to eat a LOT more than I thought she did.

    But anyway, now for my question. When will she need water? How can I tell if she's thirsty? I had just BFed her half an hour or so before the solids. Eventually she'll need to drink from a container that's not attached to me, how can I help her learn how to do that? (I don't want to introduce a bottle this late in the game. :P)

    Thanks for being patient with me and all my questions.
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    Default Re: water, sippy cups, gagging, choking, and being thirsty

    It takes a while for them to get the hang of sippy cups. I started keeping one around my LO at around 7 months or so and she just chewed on them for probably almost 2 months. Every once in a while she'd get some water and look really intrigued, and eventually she caught on. I keep one out all the time and my LO will now grab it herself if she wants a drink. If you are still BF quite a bit, I wouldn't worry too much about it. Your LO should be getting all the liquids needed from you.
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