Your post sounds soooo familiar.....nighttime was awful for us too! And I certainly did not enjoy our first couple of weeks either. I of course loved being a mom, but the sleep deprivation was awful! Our ds (who is now 6mo) got VERY fussy at night and would not settle down for bed until at least 1am and then was up VERY frequently throughout the night. I remember just sitting on our bed late at night and crying with my dh and we would both talk about how we thought newborns were just supposed to eat and sleep all of the time, lol! My family kept telling me that it all gets better in time, but exhaustion and emotions kept me from believing them. Well, it did get better!!! Every week there was some type of improvement in feedings, sleeping, emotions, etc....and before we knew it, our ds was getting tired earlier and earlier. Now we try and keep him up for fear of him going to bed too early I am saying all of this to let you know to take it one day at a time, it is going to get better and you are going to get through this. And I agree, you should definitely talk to your husband about your feelings and emotions. When you are sleep deprived it is almost impossible to cope! so I think what you are experiencing is pretty normal! Hang in there.