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Thread: Weaning 12 month old

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    I use Vanilla soy for my son and he loves it. I like it too. None of us are big cow's milk drinkers and soy has a lot of health benefits. HTH!@

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    LLL does not advocate mixing EBM with formula or anything else. That said, from a practical standpoint, it would seem to me that if your LO will accept decreasing proportions of EBM w/ increasing proportions of some other milk, it might be worth trying. A 12 month old is still growing and maturing so rapidly, though, that it might be a good idea to check with your pedi, nutritionist, or IBCLC to be sure your LO is getting the right nutrition. (I feel like such a hypocrite talking about the "right nutrition" when my DD's, 4 and 7, won't eat any green veggies except pickles, but that's another story... http://lalecheleague.org/vbulletin/i...es/redface.gif) Good luck!

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