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Thread: Oversupply question

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    I had oversupply with my twins (4 months old now) and then tried to remedy the situation by feeding them both off the same side for one feeding then the other side the next feeding. It seemed to work and I'm not leaking all over during the day but I leak every morning. Does this mean I have oversupply just in the morning or is this just normal? My girls do sleep 12 hours between feeds from bedtime to morning so I realize this isn't helping but I don't want to pump and encourage a greater supply. I thought my body would adjust but they've been sleeping 12 hours for the last month and I still seem to have a huge supply in the morning. Both my girls are still having some green frothy poop and I think it's because of a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance with the first 1-2 feeds of the day. Any thoughts/suggestions?


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    it's normal to have more in the am

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