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Thread: She'll know when she's full, right? (or how much to feed?)

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    Default She'll know when she's full, right? (or how much to feed?)

    Of course she will... I just want the reassurances from you all.

    I just keep thinking back to when she was a newborn and reading about colostrum and how a newborn's stomach is about the size of a marble, and then in a few days it's about the size of a shooter marble and then grows from there. I finally got her a high chair w/ a tray, and tomorrow I'm going to go get some more foods so she can have a little variety. Yay, progress for us.

    But even now at almost 10 months old, I keep thinking that she still has a marble-sized tummy even though I know it's not true. Right now, one of the finger foods she eats "regularly" are Puffs, and I give a couple to her and she chows them down... then I give her a couple more and she chows them down. She really likes them but I want to limit those since they're basically rice and air, but I think that if I give her a few dozen that she'll eat ALL of them.

    How do I know how much to feed her? Probably just trial and error... if she eats it all and looks like she wants more, give her a little more, if there's a bunch left at the end for her to just "play" with, give her a little less next time.

    I guess I'm mostly posting this to sortof talk to myself. But feel free to comment anyway.
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    Default Re: She'll know when she's full, right? (or how much to feed?)

    well, if your breastfeeding alot still which it sounds like you are, then according to the AAP and WHO, regular food does not have to become the main source of nutrition until 12-15 mo. So now its pretty much for experimentation and getting new tastes into her so yea, trust your instincts, she'll stop if she's full. And yea, its kinda hard to get full on rice puffs

    Another fun thing to feed that is more filling at this age is oatmeat balls. You can make some oatmeal on the stove and for an even bigger treat, use 100% apple juice instead of water. Use less juice than called for so that the oatmeal is really thick. Then you can let it cool and shape it into little balls for them to play with and munch on. ds loved that!

    well, good luck. oh, and just for reference, here's something a friend showed me:

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