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Thread: 2 month old had spinal tap

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    Default 2 month old had spinal tap

    I went to Dr. Monday morning and they admitted my 9 week old born 7-13-07 to the hospital for a spinal tap. It was scary but the Dr. said fevers this young can easily turn serious like meningitis. We were supposed to stay till Wednesday but we were okayed to go this Tuesday afternoon. One of her test showed she had a nasal virus, probably from her brother a active six year old. It was so hard to see her with an iv in her little hand but she kept smiling. I don't know if her immunizations had a part to play but, its unsettling. I just thank God shes ok and were home Try co-sleeping in a hospital crib, I was glad to do it though. Just wanted to share. I am going to investigate more on the 4 month immunizations.

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    That's so scary!!! Glad you LO is OK!
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