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Thread: gluten intolerance?

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    Default gluten intolerance?

    Does anyone here have a baby with gluten intolerance? How did you find out about it? What have you done?

    I ask because my lo seems to be having a problem with baby cereals (I've mentioned this in other threads before). Whenever he has even a little bit of cereal, he has a massive blowout. I haven't tested whether this happens more with rice vs. barley vs. oats. Then yesterday, I gave him one of those biter biscuits for the first time, and today he had another blowout (I ddin't give him any cereal yesterday-- just the biscuit). When he eats strctly fruits and veggies, he doesn't seem to have a problem.

    Should I call his ped.?

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    Smile Re: gluten intolerance?

    There shouldn't be any gluten in rice, if I remember correctly. I would give rice only for a few days, and see if problem continues, if not give another cereal and see if it occurs.
    good luck!

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    Default Re: gluten intolerance?

    my did has gluten allergy. we found out when she was under a month old due to problems with my diet. becareful with rice ceral b/c although rice is gluten free many baby cereals add soy and gluten to rice cereal so it could be do to a food intolernce or just happens at the same time your lo eats cereal.

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