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Thread: Baby cries while sleeping

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    Default Baby cries while sleeping

    Dd2 is 6wks and she will be sound asleep in her swing, cradle, etc. and out of the blue she will just cry. Somestimes just a little cry but other times it is full blown crying and screaming. We will pick her up and she falls back to sleep. Any ideas what might be going on?

    Also, she is the most restless baby I have ever seen. We will put her to sleep in her cradle or even her swing and she will squeak, squirm, moan, wiggle...just can not seem to get comfortable. She will have bubbles coming out of her mouth. There are a few times we pick up and she will will burp. She is very very hard to get to burp after nursing. If I feed her by bottles we do not normally have this much problem.

    Again any idea?
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    Default Re: Baby cries while sleeping

    No ideas, just wanted to say I'm going through the same thing. My 5 week ds will not even sleep in a swing. He'll only sleep in my arms and the entire time he grunts, squirms, etc. I couldn't put him down all night last night. He just wanted to be held upright. Please pass along any suggestions if you find any!!

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    Default Re: Baby cries while sleeping

    Our daughter behaves very similarly. She is very hard to get a burp out of using the traditional methods. (She has reflux, so patting her back often just causes her to spit up most of what she just ate.) We also find that she sometimes cries in her sleep and then burps when we pick her up. Sometimes she cries, then passes wind and feels better. So those two things are reasons she might be uncomfortable while she's sleeping. Other than that, my LO does sometimes whine or cry, almost as if she is having a nightmare. Then she is happy when we pick her up. My husband is convinced that she has little baby nightmares, but I don't know if that's possible. My doctor just said that unless it happens constantly to the point of severely disrupting her sleep, it's normal and nothing to worry about. It is very sad when she cries or fusses continuously in her sleep, but at least she is comforted by being picked up. I completely understand that it can worry you (or at least deprive you of all sleep when she fusses and squirms all night) but it seems like she's just working something out. So unless it is constantly happening, to the point of her getting no sleep, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Let's both just hope that the fussy sleeping is something they will grow out of soon. Hope that helps!

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    Default Re: Baby cries while sleeping

    Believe it or not, babies actually do dream-- they can even have nightmares.

    My baby has cried in his sleep-- even laughed in his sleep.

    I would just do the same for her that you would do if she was awake and crying: comfort her, try to fix whatever is bothering her...

    As for not always burping after nursing, I wouldn't worry too much. She will burp when she is ready.

    And I understand the restlessness-- my baby was the same way. She'll regulate eventually, and then she won't be so uncomfortable.

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