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Thread: HELP!! anyone have good suggestions??

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    Default HELP!! anyone have good suggestions??

    I have a 4 month old little boy and well some of you know I am almost 4 months prego too. I have been trying to loose some weight just to get a little in shape does anyone have any good advice?

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    Default Re: HELP!! anyone have good suggestions??

    I mean this in a totally supportive way- Are you kidding?! You are taking care of a young infant and pregnant- the last thing you need is to diet! I can totally relate to how you might feel, having had back-to-back pregnancies (though not that back-to-back as you are having), but please be patient with yourself as you have enough going on. If you are eating well and finding any time to take a walk every day that should be plenty. How about a pregnancy workout video? There are some good ones (check amazon) that help you get/stay in shape while pregnant, but don't push yourself too hard- your body is already working hard!

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    Default Re: HELP!! anyone have good suggestions??

    Diet+breastfeeding+pregnancy=not a good idea right now.

    It takes about 500 calories per day for breastfeeding and 300 calories per day for pregnancy (after the 1st trimester). That's an additional 800 calories per day above and beyond what you need just to maintain your current weight.

    Don't forget that in addition to the calories you need to keep you going, and the calories to grow one baby who is nursing and another in your womb, you're still recovering from your recent birth. That's a lot of strain on your body. This simply isn't the time to consider dieting for weight loss.

    Please talk to your doctor AND a nutritionist about a good, solid eating plan.

    Keep us updated!

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