I am new to the forum, and found it while searching for info on the baby led approach. My 7 1/2 mo LO breastfeeds on demand, but I have been slowly introducing solids to him for about a month, since he has begun to show interest, mainly pureed raw or baked fruits and veggies that are in season. I have been trying a more baby-led approach, but I am not sure how to prep the food. Tonight we had great success with an apple, I first ate around the outside to remove the peel, and cut the stems off the ends. He had a great time, and ate nearly the whole thing. I am not in a big rush to introduce foods, but he really enjoys them, and I like introducing him to new tastes/textures. We have been eating really interesting things. right now we eat breakfast and dinner, with no real change in BF frequency. I would appreciate any thoughts or ideas on different foods that he can have whole or in large pieces, and how to prep them.