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Thread: Why wont he drink soy milk??

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    Default Re: Why wont he drink soy milk??

    Thanks to everyone for your advice. Wow, I had no idea about how bad soy milk can be -- I will definitely bring that up with our pediatrician, since she recommended it.

    I tried making a smoothie with the soy milk and his two favorite things: banana and cinnamon. Still no luck.

    We'll try the rice milk. Hopefully that will do the trick!

    Incidentally, my husband and I are both average height and weight, but we were both above average on the growth charts as babies and toddlers. I am not really concerned that he is a shortie, especially since we are not tall -- I'm more concerned that he only gained three ounces since his 9 month check up (although he did grow 1.3 inches).

    Thank you again!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Why wont he drink soy milk??

    Yes please don't use the almond milk! Nuts are a big allergen.

    Rice milk may lack the essential fats and nutrients but there are PLENTY of ways to make up for that (avocado for example for the fats and plenty of sunshine for the vit. D). I would recommend the rice milk, my older son (who has no allergies) loves it. He goes back and forth between that and cows milk all the time. YES it tastes different but he doesn't think it tastes bad. I personally think soy tastes gross so I can't blame your child for not liking it lol!

    There's also oat milk which I've been meaning to try.

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    Default Re: Why wont he drink soy milk??

    Quote Originally Posted by carmanferguson View Post
    Now I'm worried, I've been drinking it while breastfeeding! Is this bad? I have been having a glass a day.
    Soy is dangerous when you are pregnant. As far as I know it is not dangerous for BF since the bad stuff in soy goes into your milk in very small amounts.

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