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Thread: 2 week old with reflux....

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    Question 2 week old with reflux....

    Hello! My daughter is just over 2 weeks old and having issues gaining weight. I had been nursing her exclusively, but she only gained one ounce for one week. I was a bit dumbfounded because she always had good output, so I assumed she was getting enough. Well, after her poor weight gain her doctor suggested that I supplement her, and pump my breasts to make sure I was making enough milk. With her first formula supplement she spit all of it up, and with her last bout of emesis she proceeded to choke and turn blue. I was able to get her to breathe again, but I was scared and called 911, and she was taken to the hospital. We spent the last 3 days in the hospital, and she was checked for everything under the sun, and finally diagonsed with reflux. She was sent home on Zantac twice per day for the reflux, and the doctor wants me to pump my breasts and bottle feed her the BM to keep track of her input. I've been pumping for the past 24 hours and the good news is that I am making enough volume of breastmilk. Her doctor suggested that she may have an immature suck, and wasn't able to nurse effectively,but I'm not too sure I believe that. He suggested that I pump my breasts to maintain my supply until she grows a bit, and then try to nurse her again. I am concerned that my supply won't grow with her if I merely pump. I am just wondering if anyone out there has nursed a baby with reflux, or had a baby with poor weight gain during the first couple of weeks. Any advice or stories are appreciated. Thanks!

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    Oh Mama, it sounds like you have really been through some tough days!

    I would encourage you to acquire a SNS (Supplemental Nursing System I believe?) You can offer the expressed milk through a tube that attaches to your nipple. This way baby is getting the latch on the breast, being rewarded with more milk, and it is stimulating your breasts. I would worry that bottle-feeding would create nipple confusion and even when she "grows" she will refuse the breast and prefer the easy flow of the bottle.

    It is not uncommon for babies to lose up 10% of their birth weight in the first few days. Their tummies are so small. What was your daughter's birth weight, and lowest weight? What are her diapers like? Is she wetting and dirtying sufficient diapers?

    Getting your daughter to the breast as often as possible will maintain and increase your milk supply.

    I had a refluxer and it is SO hard in the early days!! Breastmilk is so fantastic for babies that spit up because it is absorbed WAY faster than formula is digested. So even if they spit up, they got a lot of the nutrients!

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    Quote Originally Posted by muffin View Post
    I am just wondering if anyone out there has nursed a baby with reflux, or had a baby with poor weight gain during the first couple of weeks. Any advice or stories are appreciated. Thanks!
    Poor baby and poor you. That's sounds like a dreadful experience

    I've no experience with reflux or poor weight gain, but my son was difficult to feed in the early weeks till he got a good latch and we used a SNS sometimes and feeding cup at others.

    The SNS sounds like your best plan if you really need to see what your daughter is taking in.

    My LC said that true nipple confusion is actually quite rare and most babies will swap between an artificial nipple and a real one quite readily but in the early weeks, what can develop more commonly is 'flow preference' because baby gets more reward for less effort from the artificial nipple.

    Try is keep the bottle away from her where possible so she can build up her boobie suckling muscles

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