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    I find my self in tears alot about breastfeeding well more the lack there of.

    I delieved my first Child May 15th. She was 37.3 weeks. They put her in the NICU because of her being only 4 lbs 6 oz's. After deliever and recovery I go to see her and try to nurse her. The hospital had no staff on hand to help me out with that... She wouldn't nurse wouldn't latch on. just screamed against my breast. I finally got some help 4 days later with a nipple shild. She doesn't like it and wont suck at all. I have ressently been trying to nurse her by pumping a little and then getting her to latch on. She will suck a little and then try to pull her head back as hard and quickly as possible. She will scream till i pull her away and then till I give her a bottle.

    What can I do about trying to get a smaller baby to latch on and enjoy nursing?????

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    This is out of the realm of my experience but I wanted to give you a word of encouragement. Congratulations on bringing your little girl home and for your commitment to work through difficulty with breastfeeding.

    The only thought I have is if you have a hospital grade electric pump so you can be pumping both sides to get your milk supply up. Then all of that milk should be fed to the baby while you are working on your latch issues.

    The other thought is that you should hand express and get the milk flowing before putting baby to breast, even express some on the breast shield so that she immediately gets the flavor and rewarded for her efforts. It may be too much for her to wait for a letdown and she may be frustrated.

    It can be very difficult with small babies until they get a little bigger.

    As far as enjoying nursing right now spend several times a day with baby against your breast without any expectation. Just lay her there and breathe in her beautiful newborn scent and cuddle her skin to skin. Look at how beautifully and perfectly formed she is. It is good for both of you to find pleasure and bonding in this way. She can sense your frustration and anxiety so spend time getting to know eachother besides the times that you are trying to get her to latch. Since she is tiny cover her with a blanket to keep her warm but she should be in a dipe and skin to skin with you. When you bottle feed do the same so that she associates the breast with comfort, milk and warmth. She will learn because she is a very smart baby with a smart mommy.

    I also suggest calling LLL in your area because the mother to mother support is absolutely amazing. This is a very important time in your life and the life of your baby and you need to be around people who understand. They can help on the phone and you can find a meeting in your area to attend. There you will meet other moms who have overcome the same challenges and get the support you need.

    I am sure some other moms will be along soon with good suggestions.

    Hang in there and bless you!

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    Hi, I want to encourage you to keep trying and get help from a lactation consultant. I had numerous problems initially when my son was born in January of this year. He did not latch on at all until he was two weeks old with the help of a lactation consultant, and it took another week for us to get into the swing of things. A friend of mine didn't get her son to start nursing until he was 6 weeks old (he was a premie). So it can still happen!

    Another thought is to finger feed to try to warm your daughter up to nursing. Just to rule out nipple confusion.

    Hang in there, you are doing a great thing.

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    Hello there and congrats on nursing your little one! My son was full term, but he screamed at my breast for almost two weeks. The first week I was too engorged for him to latch on. You've done a smart thing by pumping a little before you feed her. Not only will it reduce any swelling you might have but it will also make your tremendous milk supply a little more manageable for her. During those times when my son was having trouble, I cried a lot and was very discouraged, but I had a lot of support from my family and I didn't give up. Finally one night he just decided to latch on, and we were fine from then on. Just keep putting her to the breast- she'll get the hang of it. Also remember that all that time in the hospital probably made her a little weak... so be extra-patient Good luck!

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    Hi There

    Congratulations on your new baby! I just wanted to pass along some info that might help:


    You've also gotten some good advice from the previous posters. I second the suggestion to find someone to help you in person in your area. You might also visit the preemie section of our board for some been-there-done-that advice!

    "Mothers are designed to be available to their babies--to help them make the transition into this big, wide world. To teach them to trust, and love, and feel good about being alive."
    --Elizabeth N. Baldwin, Esq., So I Nursed Him Every 45 Minutes

    Click here to find your local LLL Group
    How to tell if your breastfed baby is getting enough milk!

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