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Thread: Tomatoes?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NorasMommy View Post
    It just makes her face red where it touched her skin.
    I may be in the minority here - but I find foods that give my DS a rash (on his face or his tushie) a bit alarming. A rash *can* be just because it's an acidic food, and also *can* be a sign of a food allergy.

    DS has recently been diagnosed with several food allergies and I can tell you it's not something to mess around with, and also not much fun to live with. We now carefully read ingredient labels and have benadryl & and epi-pen with DS wherever he goes.
    DS1: bf 7/2006 -> 4/2009; multiple food allergies
    DS2: bf 9/2009 -> ???
    ; multiple food allergies
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    we have been giving our lo tomato sauces for awhile since spaghetti seems to be one of the only things everyone will eat no matter what. she never got any kind of rash anywhere. but i have never tried fresh tomatos. hubby and i don't like them much so i don't really keep them around very often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ's Mom View Post
    You are supposed to wait until the year point because of the acidity.
    That's what I've read too. We haven't tried tomatoes yet.

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