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Thread: Self-feeding gone "wrong" (w/ carrots)

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    Default Self-feeding gone "wrong" (w/ carrots)

    First of all, we STILL don't have a high chair... so a lot of our self-feeding stuff is limited to eating out when she can have a little of my food. :P

    So yesterday after church, DH and I got invited out for some oriental cuisine (not sure if it was Chinese or what). We went, and took Babygirl along (9.5 months). I nursed her while we waited for our food. When it came, it had some shoestring carrots on there. I ate one. It wasn't raw, but now that it's "after the fact" it probably wasn't as soft as it should have been, either. But I gave a few to Babygirl. She grabbed them with her fist and gnawed on the end. They kept disappearing, so I kept giving her more.

    After the meal, I scooted her high chair back from the table and found a nice pile of carrot stix in her lap. I grabbed those and set them on my plate. Then when I took her out of the high chair, I found another decent pile of carrots in the high chair itself, so I took those out as well.

    When we got home, I was talking to her in her carseat, and noticed that she seemed to be "chewing." She usually doesn't do this unless she's found some fuzz or something on the carpet (i.e. has something in her mouth.) So I checked it out, and found a little piece of carrot. I threw it away. When I came back, she was STILL chewing, so I fished around again and found another piece of carrot, and threw that one away. Then when I came back the third time, a THIRD tiny piece of carrot had already come out and was sitting on her chin.

    Even though she apparently never did swallow anything, I consider this self-feeding venture a success b/c she clearly had fun w/ the carrots.
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    Default Re: Self-feeding gone "wrong" (w/ carrots)

    Too cute!

    What a good girl eating all her veggies (or leading you to believe she did)

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    Default Re: Self-feeding gone "wrong" (w/ carrots)

    Uh-oh she's already learned how to hide her veggies so you think she at them, you're going to have to watch that one

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    Default Re: Self-feeding gone "wrong" (w/ carrots)

    This actually seems very typical and I would call it a success. However I will caution you, and (everyone else) Carrots are not recommended for children under one because of the nitrates that are in them. For future reference I would leave these off the list of foods to play with until her 1st B-day.

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    Default Re: Self-feeding gone "wrong" (w/ carrots)

    Thats so cute, I bet with her next diaper you will see that some of those carrots DID make it into her tummy.

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