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Thread: What's going on with Avocados?

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    Default What's going on with Avocados?

    My son loves avocados. It has been one of those things that he'd always eat if all else fails. And it's pretty easy to prepare on days when dinner "creeps up on me". However, lately every time I buy them they've been having these really gross black areas in them. I'm not talking about how it turns greyish- they are black, circular type areas I find all throughout the inside. It's nasty! I've been just cutting it away, but lately it seems that I'm cutting more away than we're actually eating. I refuse to buy them if I'm going to throw more than half of it out. I've tried organic and non-organic (one of the cleanest as far as pesticides). I've also tried buying them at all different type stores from Whole Foods (high end) to the discount grocer and they are all the same. What's going on? Anyone else having this problem? My son misses his avocado.

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    I always look for ones that have the little stem thing still attatched. Thats how I find if its ripe. I get it a little bit firm, and then we I get home I pop that little stem off and if it looks olive green, its good to cut and use. I haven't had a problem using that method.

    It sounds like either the avocados you're getting are over-ripe or have somehow been exposed to air (is the skin torn or bruised?)
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    this happened the last time i bought avocados, too. and we're both in chicago! we're getting subprime avocados around here!
    i was at stanley's fruit market on saturday and the avocados looked good, but i passed them up thinking they'd just be rotten inside. and truth be told, i'm a bigger fan of them than DS is, anyway.
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    I've had the same problem! Not sure what to do about it, but it's nice to know I'm not alone!

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    yeah I think maybe they are just in an off season right now, were they pick them too green to ship.

    I'm not sure when the good season is/was.
    WE had a realy good one from fl over the week end. IT was so good and just right.
    Big and still green on the outside not brown like they normaly get when they are ripe.

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