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Thread: Block Feeding interuptions! Advice needed!

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    Default Block Feeding interuptions! Advice needed!

    Has this ever happened to anyone? Any advice would be helpful.

    Logically, I think that DD is doing this for some good reason but I can't figure out what.
    She will latch onto the breast we are feeding on (we are at about 4-6 hour blocks right now). After the let down which usually squirts her in the face she will unlatch and turn her head the other way and refuses to eat until I put her on the other side. She will then latch on and feed contently.
    This switch demand only occurs after a few minutes and if I just take her off completely, she shows signs of hunger.
    We have been block feeding for a few months now (she's almost 4 months ) so I don't know how she has it in her little silly head that we would switch.
    It's making me incredibly insecure for several reasons:
    1)Have I decreased my supply so much that she needs both now?
    2)If my supply hasn't decreased that much is this going to up my supply resulting in more OS problems?
    3)How do I keep her on one side and happy now?
    4)What the heck?

    "Breastfeeding is an unsentimental metaphor for how love works, in a way. You don't decide how much and how deeply to love--you respond to the beloved, and give with joy exactly as much as they want."
    ~ Marni Jackson"

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    Default Re: Block Feeding interuptions! Advice needed!

    Maybe she is getting smarter! If you have OALD and milk srays everywhere that can be unpleasant for her. But when you switch to the other side you have just had a let-down but the milk is no longer spraying. She might have just figured out how to regulate the flow! You could try latching her onto the side you are not feeding from first, so that when she switches sides she will still be block feeding. I would give DD my finger to suck on while I was spraying milk everywhere and then relatch her to the same side. That kept her content and prevented her from getting milk-face.

    If she is not draining the first breast, but rather just refusing to take it after let-down, I wouldn't worry about your supply. You are probably making plenty of milk for her. To check that - do a count of wet dipes.

    How long have you been block feeding? We were block feeding for ~3weeks before I noticed a big difference in my supply. I am really sensitive to oats - it sends my supply over the top. (Lots of mama's eat oatmeal to increase supply.) Peppermint tea helps me to make a little less milk.


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