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    My 2 month old had a 102 degree fever last night ten days after immunizations. Could it be from them that long ago? I took her to the emergency room, they were not sure, they just said to bring her back if she starts acting funny. She narrowly escaped a spinal tap!!! They said if she was two weeks younger they would have done the spinal tap regardless of bloodwork. Is that typical? Aren't spinal taps risky and painful?

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    They "books" say fevers at 0 - 6 weeks are bad signs. Sounds like your lo has a low grade fever and that just means his body is doing what it is designed to do, fight of infections. Here is some more info...but the best thing is to go with your gut/mothering feeling.

    I don't think it is from the shots though
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    Sorry to here you LO isn't feeling well. I also doubt it is from the immunizations that were 10 days ago. Yes spinal taps have risks. The poke is the same as an iv stick or a blood draw but of course with more risks b/c of the retrevial of cerebral spinal fluid. There are times when the are very necessary but doesn't sound like that was the case for you. Hope you all are doing better real soon.

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    Actually, side effects from immunizations can appear as long as 10-15 days AFTER immunizations. What did your LO get vaccinated against? Some of the vaccinations have an immuno-suppressant in them...and although it may not "cause" the fever, it is still "responsible" for it.

    You may want to sit down and start researching. You should also call VAERS and report it. Tell your doctor you feel it is directly correlated to the vaccine. Infants (especially breastfed infants) RARELY ever get fevers this young.

    Do your research and then decide if maybe the vaccination schedule your doctor has you on is right for you or your child.

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