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Thread: it's been 3 weeks

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    I was an exclusive pumper for 13 months. i had weaned myself down to pumping once a day. 3 weeks ago friday i tried to stop. 2 1/2 days after(monday) i pumped once just to releave the presure (it was very difficult to get milk to come out). So it has been has been basically 3 weeks. I picked the time to stop because i was when my supply was already lower due to AF coming. One of a sudden i have a huge clogged duct in one of my breast. it hurts really bad. Any suggestions on what i should do. I'm worried if i pump that it will jsut keep happening and i will never be able to stop. i know that is unrealistic, but seriously. Should i just tuff it out. Since i am not pumping for Bf, will it go away on it's own? Or should i try to pump and clear out the duct? Could this cause Mastetitis?

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    I have no experiacen with pumping, but from my personal reading I know that one MUST clear the clogged duct otherwise it will cause Mastities. After clearing it decrease the pumping gradually, yeah it will take longer than what you planned but you defintly dont want to get sick. HTH
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    ok you posted yesterday so I really hope you found some relief. PLEASE go to the LLL help articles about plugged ducts. Stopping will not relieve it, you must express it out. Expect to feel sore and maybe a little feverish/icky...but just mildly, if it gets worse you might need to give it more attention. I [I]think[I] that they recommend some ibuprofen also. Warm soak/shower while trying to express by stroking down the sore spot (I know, why would you want to touch the sore spot?!) You will feel better after that plug moves. The best warm relief I found was to take a diaper (yes, a clean one!) and run some very warm water in it....they hold the moist heat better than a heating pad, less chance of burning! Sounds crazy but I tell you it is very soothing. This happens at times and don't be to hard on yourself. I think I would try to catch one of the moderators to ask about your final BF weaning (how to stop completly), but once you get the duct clear, maybe just manual expression would be a step down from the once a day pump. Goodluck!

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