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Thread: Constipation in 3 mo old

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    Default Constipation in 3 mo old

    My baby started vitamins after his two-month appointment-up until then he had a dirty diaper once a day. I started giving him 1/2 dose of vitamins and he only had one every other day. Last week I started with the full dose, and he has not had a BM since Tuesday. He is passing foul smelling gas and seems to be in pain. Any suggestions? I tried gas medicine, but that doesn't seem to help anymore.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Default Re: Constipation in 3 mo old

    Does he seem to be straining to move his bowels?

    One thing you could try is nursing more frequently. Breastmilk is a natural laxative. Also, extra fluids can help his digestive system work more efficiently.

    Some mothers find that gently bicycling baby's legs or allowing him to push against your hands (upright or lying down) helps ease the passage of gas and/or stool. Other moms use the bathtub trick: Making sure you have a strong hold on baby, place him in a chest high bath (sitting up) and *gently* massage his tummy. If you choose to try this, I stress to make SURE you have a very firm and safe hold on your baby (some mothers use a non-slip mat or washcloth in the bottom of baby's bath basin for extra measure).

    Be aware that it may not be the vitamins at all. Some older breastfed babies only stool every few days (and a few even go a week or longer!). See the links below.

    If you feel that his bowel issues are due to the vitamins, you might consider asking your doctor if you could decrease or cut them out all together. For many babies, iron can be binding.

    The information found here might be especially helpful:

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