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Thread: I'm a little concerned

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    Default I'm a little concerned

    I gave birth via c-section (my first) to baby #9 on 11/10/05. She weighed 8lbs 11oz. She was at the breast within the hour after delivery. We stayed in hospital for 3 days, and nursing seemed to be going well. Less problems this time than ever before. No sore nipples, no engorgement, etc. She was however somewhat of a "lazy" nurser, falling asleep at the breast. A lactation consultant visited with me a couple of times and said latch looked good, etc.
    So here's my concern...
    dd weighed 7'15" at release from hospital on 11/13.
    At two week check (really 18 days), she weighed 8'4". Ped said to keep eye on her output, which was good. Lots of poops.
    I have taken her in weekly for weight checks since then. While she has never lost weight, her gain has been slow. At her two month check she was 9'13". I took her in 6 days later and she was diagnosed with an ear infection, she weighed 10'2" then.
    Does this seem okay? Ped does not seem too concerned, as she is steadily gaining and she looks good. Dh and I are not small people. All of my other children were much bigger by two months, even the girls.
    Should I be worried?

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    Hey my Elias was born on the same day ..anyway, if she's not losing and everything else is fine then i wouldn't be concerned. She's probably a slow gainer..my JJ was the same way. Keep doing what you're doing, nurse on demand, keep an eye on poops and pees and make sure she is gaining

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    Baby #9? Wow! Congratulations!

    So you've got a lot of baby experience under your belt and you're a little concerned with your daughters slow gaining. I'm assuming you've nursed your other children and had enough milk for them?

    By my calculations, she's about 10 weeks old and she's put on 35 oz. Baby should be putting on about 4-8 oz/week, so her weight gain is a bit on the slow side. However, your pediatrician is not concerned, so that's a good sign. And as your ped said, keep an eye on her output. She should be having at least 5-6 wet diapers (disposable--more if you're using cloth) per 24 hours.

    How often is she feeding during the day? As you probably know, she should be nursing on cue and the feeding should last as long as she wishes. She should be eating about 8-12 times per 24 hours. Some mothers find that letting the baby nurse on just one side during a feeding helps, as the milk gets fattier and more calorie rich as it comes down. Of course if she seems finished with one side and still seems hungry you can switch to the other side.

    Doing breast compressions may also help. Hold the breast with the thumb on one side and the four fingers on the other. Once the baby has stopped actively suckling, gently squeeze the breast. This may make the baby start suckling again. If so, wait until she stops to compress gain. Gradually rotate around the breast, squeezing gently every time baby stops suckling. Continue until it no longer makes the baby active.

    Are you using a pacifier at all? If so, you may find that letting the baby comfort suck at the breast will help sneak a few extra calories into her as well!

    Hope that helps!
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